Gorge Waterway, Victoria, British Columbia

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J.S. Larochelle (revised May 17, 2013)

We are the first generation to be able to upload digital photographs and read David Hume and Charles Darwin online.



University of Edinburgh"David Hume was born in Edinburgh in 1711, attended the University from 1723, and died in Edinburgh in 1776, having achieved worldwide fame as an historian and philosopher."


Craig Ferguson was born May 17, 1962 in Springburn, Glasgow, Scotland and Karen Gillan on November 28, 1987 in Inverness, Scotland


Conservapedia "Those who stand upon the infallible authority of the Bible know that the Moon was created on Day Four along with the Sun and stars."


Amanda Gefter and Celeste Biever

It seems that the folks at Conservapedia – a sort of conservative alternative to the more familar online encyclopedia Wikipedia – are not fans of Einstein’s most famous theory, general relativity. In fact, they view it as a far-reaching liberal conspiracy.

The website TPMMuckraker recently drew attention to a page on the site titled "Counterexamples to relativity". It says: “The theory of relativity is a mathematical system that allows no exceptions. It is heavily promoted by liberals who like its encouragement of relativism and its tendency to mislead people in how they view the world.”


John Lennon “We all shine on…like the moon and the stars and the sun…we all shine on…come on and on and on…” 


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